Changing the PR Services rules in your favor

Unlike other PR agencies we don’t charge you for pitching your product or service to “potential” journalist of big editorials while your bill with us is running.
We apply instead a pay-per-mention formula: we charge you only if you (as an influencer) or your brand get featured in the editorial of your choice.

Our service will help you to:

Boost an online reputation


Whether you are an influencer or a business owner, gain credibility by forging yourself or your company with the “As seen in” tool.

Be seen


We feature you or your brand on editorials that have millions of view daily! Boost followers, leads, funds and sales with the people that really count!

Improve your Google Ranks


Yes, you heard it right…our service will greatly improve your rankings. Our published article will give your site a backlink with great SEO authority for improving your ranks in search results.

Our Network

We have a team of respected editors and top contributors for various publications, that can help you or your brand to gain the credibility needed for selling in your market or for being seen as an expert and influencer in your industry.


We keep ourselves updated with the latest search engine optimization as well as marketing trends. In fact we have been certified by search engines like Google and Bing


By being a global company, we have sales and service representatives available 24 hours Monday to Friday to answer all your Pre Sales or Support questions.


We have more than 11 years of experience in executing PR Services, Growth Hacking and Digital Marketing campaigns.


Pay-per-mention only

If you don’t get mentioned/featured/interviewed on the editorial you have chosen, we will fully refund you!


A good product doesn’t need an expensive PR firm to talk about it.

A good product just needs a bit of added credibility for being listened to, as it talks by itself.

Roberto Liccardo – Snemy CEO

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